Our Mission

It is the mission of Cummings Termite Services to provide services to homeowners that will protect and encourage healthy habits for their most important asset, their family. It is our Vision to earn the trust and respect of our customers by using the latest technologies to educate and provide exceptional quality service with little to no impact on the environment, and to become a role model within our Industry.

The History of Cummings Termite Services

Daniel began working for the family business when he was in the seventh grade. At the time, his father Alain, had a growing carpet cleaning company and would occasionally bring along one of his sons to help him on the job. Although they were very young, Daniel and his brother Eric, began learning the skills needed to work well and how to run a business. They would continue to work for the family business during their high school and college years, each taking on more responsibility as they got older.

While most children his age were involved in after school sports or extracurricular activities, Daniel was being taught how to network and bring in new clients. He developed a strong work ethic and was taught to follow principles like "Your name is on everything you touch," and "Do things right the first time." His father also introduced him to motivational speakers like Zig Ziglar and Napoleon Hill. It would be these principles and motivators that would later on help him to develop a desire to own his own company someday.

When the recession of 2008 hit and people started losing their homes as a result of the financial crisis, the family carpet cleaning business began to struggle. In the year of 2010, Daniel married his high school sweetheart Alexis, and the two decided it was time for Daniel to leave the family carpet cleaning business.

Daniel created Cummings Termite Services with Termite Control and Repairs in mind. However he has plans to expand into General Pest Control and Lawncare in the near future. He chose the name Cummings to represent the pride he has in everything he does. Cummings Termite Service is known for its professionalism, its thorough inspections, and its knowledge and skill. Their integrity and character are defined by their dedication to furthering their education and staying up to date on the latest technology in equipment and environmentally friendly products.

Cummings Termite Service is a family owned and operated full service Termite Control and Repair Company. They are licensed, bonded and insured and capable of tackling any sized project. His wife Alexis and his father Alain, are assisting with office duties, while Daniel and his father-in-law Mike, are out in the field serving our customers. They have structured their policies and procedures around three basic pillars; Honesty, Integrity and Family.

Honesty - to be transparent and provide all the facts in order for a customer to be able to make an appropriate decision for their family.
Integrity - to uphold our promises to our customers and the environment, and to become role models within our industry.
Family - to help promote the advancement and well being of the the most important asset of anyone's life, their family.

When choosing a company to handle your Termite issues, let Cummings Termite Service show you why they are a top choice in San Diego and the surrounding areas.

"I have known Daniel for about a year and his work ethics are great! He provides an honest inspection and goes above and beyond in his work he provides clients."
from Jorge M.
San Diego, CA
Religious Education Coordinator
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